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Derin Insaat & Mimarlik (Derin Construction and Architecture & Interior Design), is set up as a company that renders services of designing and engineering with their more-than-15-years-experience and institutional infrastructure. Our aim is being interested in details of all the places that enrich your life, and implementing these details by an implementation that turns into art-work. We reflect the expressive face of design to our projects by our team includes professional engineers, architects and designers.

Derin İnşaat ve Mimarlık
  • Services

    We offer many services!

    Derin Mimarlik as we are, render services about architecture, interior design, furtniture & industrial product design and fair stand design. We feel happy to render service to our clients with the experienced, dinamic and innovated team of Derin Mimarlik.

  • Fair Stands

    Our archive is our signature!

    We experience to design and build wooden stands for fairs / exhibitions, in addition to our interior and architectural services, in the architectural unit of the company. First of all, our communication expertes do an analysis of the customer base about your industry, and in this direction, we design stand projects for you to introduce yourself correctly to you customers. We created an "Exhibitions" Blog, for you to check out the projects designed and built by Derin Mimarlik.

    More: Exhibitions Blog
  • Interior Design

    İnteraktif Hizmet
    Interior and Furnitures reflect you!

    Interior design that's the intersection of visuality and mathematics, is our work! All the places you live or work, reflect you definitely. You tell us what you need, we blend your needs with design and construction. All the interior design and implementations, furniture and industrial design and implementations are being done by our experienced team in own atelier.

  • Social Networks

    Sosyal Ağlar
    We are on social networks!

    Visual Communication Designers and Web Experts of our company, are making you get in touch easily with us by updates and improvements. Our social network pages, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, VK, are at your disposal by updating frequently.



Fair Stand Animation

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